Mom Apologizes For Mistakenly Sending Son To School With Nasty McDonald’s Shirt.

Texas mom Shelly McCullar apologizes for sending her son to school with an X-rated parody McDonalds shirt.Shelly sent her son Anthony to Travis Elementary school on Wednesday dressed in what she thought was a regular McDonald’s shirt.
But the mom was in for a surprise when Anthony got home and she took a closer look at what he was wearing.

Shelly took to facebook and wrote: “I promise from now on to monitor what my kids are wearing!”, “I had no idea Anthony wore this to school.”

Anthony’s cousin wrote: “My cousins go to my granny’s house after school every day and the day he wore his McDonald’s shirt,
I happened to be hanging out there while my granny used my car. I was watching TV in her bedroom and my cousin walked in.
As he was getting on the bed to grab the iPad I noticed something funny about his shirt. I told him to stop and let me look at it. His response was, ‘What? It’s a McDonald’s shirt.’ I asked if he was sure about that and had him look at it again. Then I asked him why his mom let him wear that shirt, and at that moment I pulled out my phone to record him while he explained everything to me.
Afterwards I sent the video to my aunt and asked her why he was wearing such a provocative t-shirt.
Her response was ‘OMG! I had no idea he was wearing that! Send that to me!’ Once my granny got back, I asked her if she noticed anything funny about the ‘McDonald’s sign’ on his shirt.  As soon as she realized what it really was, she made him change it immediately.”

In a video posted to Facebook, McCullar asks Anthony if any teachers stopped him. To which Anthony replies that “they thought it was like McDonald’s too.”

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