O.J Simpson Threatens To Sue Casino That Banned Him For $100M..

According to a letter from his lawyer O.J. Simpson could be heading over to court to sue a Las Vegas casino for at least $100 million for permanently banned him.

Simpson’s attorney told The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas to hold on to all sorts of evidence — because he’s planning to sue after stories that the Juice was drunk and disruptive while visiting.

In November, tales circulated that the disgraced Hall of Famer, fresh from a nine-year prison stay for an armed robbery rap, was persona non grata for getting rowdy.

Simpson, 70, denies being disruptive at the casino’s Clique bar on Nov. 8.

His lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne claims casino workers concocted a “fake reason” to kick out Simpson, according to a Dec. 29 letter obtained by the Daily News.

LaVergne wrote the “false and malicious allegations” were a way for the casino to make money off a media tip while embarrassing Simpson and jeopardizing his parole status.

The casino “acted with malice and racial prejudice,” he said.

Among the sought-after evidence, LaVergne said he wants all the security surveillance footage related to the incident. He told the Daily News he might be willing to call off the case if the casino issued “certain retractions.”

“It was the most ridiculous thing ever,” LaVergne said, adding his client wasn’t “going to take it lying down anymore.”

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas said it didn’t comment on possible litigation as a matter of company policy.

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