Officer Killed A Man After Entering An Apartment She Believed Was Her Own.

A man is dead after a officer say’s she mistakenly walked into the wrong apartment unit believing it was her own Thursday night.

A  Dallas police officer shot and killed 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean after she thought he was in her apartment — only, it wasn’t actually her apartment.

After her shift ended Thursday night, the officer mistakenly entered the wrong apartment, Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall told reporters on Friday afternoon. The man who lived there — identified as Botham Shem Jean — was home when the officer entered; while it’s unclear exactly what happened between Jean and the officer, Hall said, but the officer fired her weapon.

The officer called 911, and Dallas Fire Rescue rushed the man to the hospital. He died shortly after.


A manslaughter warrant is expected to be issued for the officer, Dallas Chief of Police U. Renee Hall announced the warrant during a news conference early Friday afternoon and added that a blood sample will be drawn from the officer to test for drugs and/or alcohol.