Officers on leave for their actions to subdue two women fighting; One cop Elbows Female.

two women fighting; One cop Elbows Female.

Two Department of Natural Resources officers have been placed on paid leave for their actions to subdue two women fighting.

A now viral video that was recorded and uploaded to Facebook shows two females brawling on a street corner of DES MOINES, Iowa on Thursday night near Court Avenue and Second Street.

Footage captures the two women….one with dark skin and one white tussling before taking each other to the ground, where they continued to struggle with their arms extended.

In the video, the first uniformed officer rushes to the pile and pulls one woman from the other; second uniformed officer joins him soon after and grabs the other woman.

The first officer can be seen elbowing the dark-skinned woman two times; the white woman walks away from the scene after she stands up, and the second officer lets her go. An onlooker yells in dismay, calling the discrepancy racist as the white woman crosses the street and the other remains pinned to the sidewalk. 

Via www.desmoinesregister.

Latisha Johnson, 27, of Des Moines, was charged with disorderly conduct, consumption and intoxication and interference with official acts. Court records detail similar events in the video and the Iowa DNR news release.
Johnson was released from Polk County Jail Friday morning. 
A woman who resembles the white woman in the video was booked at the Polk County Jail on disorderly conduct and intoxication charges at about the same time as Johnson on Friday, but unlike with Johnson, details of those criminal charges were not available online. Authorities did not respond to a reporter's questions after business hours Friday seeking to confirm that woman's involvement.