Package Thief Throws Rocks At Toronto Police Officer.

Package Thief Throws Rocks At Toronto Police Officer.

Video shows alleged package thief throwing huge rocks at an female officer causing damage to their cruiser.

One of Toronto’s police officers responded to a 911 call of an alleged package thief in the neighborhood near Dundas and Sherbourne on Monday around 2 p.m.

Footage captured by Erin Leslie shows the alleged porch pirate getting violent with the responding officer by using a rock.

“The neighborhood was quick to respond and call 911, but the first officer on the scene was alone and struggled to apprehend the guy as he smashed her car with rocks,” the caption continues. “She tased him unsuccessfully twice and he was then taken down by backup police.”

42 Year-Old Kola Alex Ogunkoya was taken into custody and charged with theft from mail, assault with a weapon, mischief, assaulting a peace officer with a weapon and uttering threats.