Party Of 10 Dips Out On $500 Bill At Steakhouse On Mother’s Day.

They got low… Footage shows a party of 10 dipping out after receiving a $500 bill on Mother’s Day at a Japanese steakhouse.

The dine and dash happened after the large group decided they weren’t interested in paying for their food.


Warren police corporal said while assessing the surveillance footage of the group eating. The owner of the steakhouse agrees.

“They know they didn’t pay,” said manager Yukio Oki.

Oki runs the Sagano Japanese Steak House & Bistro, located on Dequindre Street. He said party came in around 8 p.m. and included three small kids and a baby. Despite the connotation of a “Dine and Dash,” the video surveillance is anything but.

The group is casual about their exit, meandering around their seats as they begin to leave. As kids twirl around, a couple even hugs. The group had asked the $530 bill be split among five tabs. The waitress never had a chance to deliver those bills though as the family had already walked out.

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