Video Shows Phoenix Police threatening to shoot couple after 4-year-old stole a Barbie doll.

Phoenix Police threating to shoot black mom because her child stole a Barbie doll from a dollar store.

Disturbing video captures the moment Phoenix officers pointed their guns at a couple threatening to shoot them all because their 4 year-old child allegedly stole a doll out of a dollar store.

“My hands are up! 22 year Dravon Ames says as a Phoenix police officer yells to “get your fxxxing hands up.” The same officer later says “You’re gonna fxxxing get shot!”

The couple drove the girls to their babysitter at an apartment complex nearby, where they were stopped and confronted by police in the parking lot.

Phoenix police, who said they are conducting an internal probe of the incident, on Tuesday released a video, shot by a bystander, showing an officer appearing to push a handcuffed man believed to be Ames against the side of a car and kicking his legs.

Other officers could be seen handcuffing Harper after an unidentified woman came to take care of her two small children.

The couple has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city, They’re asking for $2.5 million for each parent and each child, according to the claim.