Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Man Who Pulled Gun At Walmart During Dispute.

Walmart During Dispute

A Florida man who was caught on camera pulling his gun out on another man in a Walmart over not wearing a face mask, will not be prosecuted.

Prosecutors decided not pursue charges against 28 Year-Old Vincent Scavetta for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and improper display of a firearm.

During a dispute over not wearing a facemask Footage captured shows Scavetta pointing his gun at 42 Year-Old Christopher Estrada who was at the store with his young daughter on July 12.

Scavetta said Estrada struck hit him in the forehead with an umbrella and that led him to pull out his weapon. Police said Scavetta turned in his gun and has a valid concealed carry permit.

Estrada said he raised the umbrella after Scavetta threatened him but wasn’t sure if it made contact.

Scavetta told investigators he took off the mask he was wearing as he entered the store because it was wet from the rain, fogging up his glasses and making it hard to breathe.