Rapper Lil B Gets Jumped By A Boogie, PNB Rock & Their Crew (Closer Video).

Lil B got into a brutal fight against Bronx rapper Aboogie and their entourage at the Rolling Loud Bay Area festival on Saturday.

Lil B hit the big stage to announce that he himself had been jumped backstage and he canceled his set 

“Boogie and his whole crew just jumped and beat me up in the back. That shit crazy, man,” he said. “But I’ma tell y’all like this: It’s all love, I don’t promote violence, I’m never with the violence. So I love them, and it’s all good. I said something about Boogie music, and they all got mad and they jumped me about that … So I just wanted to tell y’all ’cause they stole my shit and everything so I can’t even do my show, ’cause they stole my shit. It’s all love, though, and I love them, and I love y’all.”

Heres the video