Road Rage Attacker wore blackface to court, claims he’d been treated like a black man.

Road Rage Attacker wore blackface to court claims he'd been treated like a black man.

An Hawaiian man who was recently convicted for his role in a violent road rage incident in 2016 showed up to court wearing blackface

During his sentencing hearing on Monday in Honolulu, Hawaii Mark Char darkened his skin with a permanent marker and complained he’d been treated unfairly.

“I prepared myself to play my part in your kangaroo court, treating me like a black man — so today I’m gonna be a black man,” he told judge Todd Eddins in an almost three-minute rant complaining about unfair treatment and his “incompetent” lawyer.

“This continues a pattern of disruptive behavior designed to undermine the administration of justice,” the judge complained.

Char was found guilty in March of attempted murder and assault, for stabbing three men when he was cut off on a freeway in 2016. One of the victims was stabbed five times and almost died, the court heard.

However, Char always maintained he only acted in self-defense after being chased and beaten up by the younger man he ended up stabbing.

He was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole, based on prosecutors’ recommendations, according to the report.