Romeo Miller Involved in Terrible Car Crash.

romeo miller involved in a car accident

Hey this is Rome bro V. || Romeo was the passenger in a motor vehicle collision earlier this morning while being shown a new car … and before any rumors are spread, I am letting you know 1st that (alot of damaged was prevented in what could’ve been a very terrible scene) and everybody involved is alive and well! Romeo will be resting but wanted you guys to know that he is fine and feeling more blessed than ever! #grateful #blessed #life

Message From Romeo: As we move into a new year, I have never seen so much hate or racist comments on my page as of those of lately. After being a passenger in yet another car crash and walking away w/my full health (and life!) I am made aware of my many blessings. || Life is too short and my advice to anyone trying to be “truly happy” this year is to pay attention to the positives, because there are a lot more of those than the negatives. LIFE IS TOO BEAUTIFUL TO WORRY ABOUT PEOPLE/THINGS THAT DON’T MATTER! I’m not perfect, but I will always use the light I was given to inspire our youth. Enjoy your blessings while you can. #Blessed #Grateful #Life #2015