Son took his fathers walker, forced him to crawl, then stepped on his fingers.

Son took his fathers walker, forced him to crawl, then stepped on his fingers.

Sixty-year-old Douglas Maier of Ankeny was arrested after he tutored his 89-year-old father told father causing him to fall and fracture several rib.

Douglas Maier was booked into the Polk County Jail Wednesday night on one charge of dependant adult abuse.

Albert Maier, told Polk County Sheriff’s deputies that his son forced him to crawl on hands and knees because he wasn’t allowed to use his walker, and was only fed cold canned corn.

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Police say he had been abusing his elderly father Albert Maier, who has been living with him for the past 25 years. 
 Deputies got involved after Albert had to be taken to hospital for treatment for several fractured ribs.
When interviewed, he told officers that his son had kicked him in the leg on Monday because he was ‘in the way’ and caused him to fall and fracture the ribs on the left side of his torso, according to a criminal complaint obtain by WHO-TV.  
The deputy interviewing Albert noted that they could see bruising all down his left side. 
Albert also claimed that his son regularly denies him the use of his walker, forcing him to crawl on his hands and knees to get around the house, ‘then steps on his fingers while crawling thinking this was funny.’ 
 When the victim was taken to a hospital for an evaluation, medical staff found cat hair in wounds on Albert’s knees, according to the document.
 The octogenarian also said that his son refuses to feed him anything besides two cans of cold corn a day, and that he has been cashing his Social Security checks for the past 25 years and pocketing the money.