Starbucks fires employee who gave officer order with ‘PIG’ printed on label

Starbucks fires employee

The Starbucks employee who gave an Oklahoma police officer cups of coffee with the word “PIG” printed on the label was fired.

According to the company in a statement Friday they let go that worker,
the barista printed ‘Pig’ on the cup labels of several officers working on Thanksgiving Day. 

Officer with the Kiefer Police Department went to the Starbucks to purchase coffees for his emergency dispatch worker and was shocked to find the word ‘PIG’ printed on the labels for all five drink orders. 

The officer reported the labels to Police Chief Johnny O’Mara, who shared a picture of one of the offensive coffee cups on Facebook, where the incident went viral and led to public outrage.  

Following the incident the officer who did the Starbucks run says the barista behind the ‘Pig’ label contacted him and apologized, saying the label was meant to be a joke.

Starbucks later apologized and later fired the employee who wrote this offensive word on a cup

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