Substitute teacher fired after she made Pornhub videos inside school Classroom.

Substitute teacher fired after she made Pornhub videos inside school

A Texas high school substitute teacher made X-Rated videos inside school classroom and posted them to pornhub was fired.

The nasty videos was recorded back in May, but the El Campo Independent School District just found out about the footage last week.

After the school received an anonymous tip they immediately called the El Campo Police Department to investigate the situation.

Investigators found out that the 24-year-old substitute was featured in more then a dozen of sexual videos on Pornhub including a short video called Naughty substitute teacher uses dildo chair in classroom.

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In one of her school videos, students can be heard in the background (but are not seen). In response to a viewer comment about the masturbation clip, “O0oAnnieo0O” reported that, “It’s a full class. I tried to get them in the vid but the camera on my phone wouldn’t rotate during filming.” This comment is followed by a crying emoji.

In a Pornhub post several days ago, “O0oAnnieo0O” tipped followers to employment trouble she was facing: “Some one recognized the classroom in one of my videos, they told the principal and he asked me to take them down…I might lose my job over this. I won’t know till next semester.”

In a statement, school district officials said that they were “aware that an improper criminal incident involving a substitute teacher occurred at ECHS. The incident involved a singular substitute teacher and no student or other district staff members were involved. The district has terminated the substitute’s employment and is seeking legal advice on this specific incident.”

While police say they have not determined that Schneider broke any law–since she recorded herself privately–the local prosecutor is still reviewing the matter. School officials have issued Schneider a criminal trespass notice warning that she faces arrest if seen on the high school campus.