Substitute teacher fired for telling students that ‘homosexuality is a sin.

Substitute teacher fired for telling students that 'homosexuality is a sin.

A substitute teacher was fired after telling a fifth grade student that being gay was a sin when asked what he was Thankful for on Thanksgiving.

According to dailymail the teacher told the 11-year-old boy that he shouldn’t be thankful for his adoptive dads.

The 5th grade teacher allegedly went on a homophobic rant at Deerfield Elementary School in Utah while the students were sharing what they were thankful for the holiday.      

A boy named Daniel told the class: ‘I’m thankful that I’m finally going to be adopted by my two dads.’ 

‘Why on earth would you be happy about that?

Daniel's soon-to-be adoptive parents, Louis and Josh van Amstel, praised Knadler for her reaction and expressed horror at the substitute's hurtful remarks. 

Louis, a champion ballroom dancer and longtime performer on Dancing With The Stars, posted about the incident on his Facebook page.
He said Daniel stayed quiet during the teacher's rant and didn't want to talk to school officials about it afterward. 
'He was so fearful that this could make us think that we don't want to adopt him,' Louis told the Salt Lake Tribune.
'That's definitely not going to happen. But this situation really hurt him. This person really hurt us.' 

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