Teacher Fired After She Was Caught On Video Kicking A 5-year-old Student.

A kansas elementary school teacher was recently fired after she was caught on video kicking a 5-year-old kindergarten Student.

Crystal Smith was caught on the schools surveillance camera at Bluejacket Flint elementary school in Shawnee aggressively grabbing the child during library class. 

Video shows the child hiding in a bookshelf in the library on February 21 when the teacher approached the young girl then grabbed her by the arm to exit the hole then kicking her back as the girl laid sprawled on the ground. 

When the girl’s mother picked her up from school and asked how her day was, the child responded, ‘I don’t like my teacher. She’s really mean. She hit me on my arm.’ 

Her mother then noticed a large red mark on the child’s arm. 

Outraged the mother called the school principal to learn about what happened. 

Then the mother met with Crystal Smith, the teacher accused of hitting the girl. But Smith diverted blame to the child for the welt.