Team Booted From League For Racist “Wetback”, “Knee Grow” Jerseys.

A Cincinnati-area recreational high school basketball team is under fire after several players showed wearing inappropriate Jersey’s.

Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League was playing a game at West Clermont Middle School when parents of the opposing team noticed the players were wearing disturbing uniform.

On one side of the jerseys had the teams name “Wet Dream Team” and on the other side of some player’s jerseys “Knee Grow” were printed and “Coon” – terms that have been labeled derogatory, racially insensitive and appalling.

According to Tony Rue who whose son plays on West Clermont’s team, one player had a uniform with the word ‘Coon’ on the back. 

 Rue said the offensive jerseys had been worn for three or four games.

League officials shut down the game and said they have dismissed the team from the league.

Tony took to his Facebook Page to express his frustration

A Rec league or not, please explain how this is even remotely considered appropriate for a high school basketball game. From a team name referencing sexual conduct to offensive and racist nicknames. It was so inappropriate that the coaches of the girls teams that played before us quickly ushered the girls out of the gym so they wouldn’t have to see it. By no means are we perfect parents or assume our teenage boys are innocent and don’t speak of things like this, but I could never imagine allowing my teenage son to represent his school and league in this manner, let alone representing our family with such filth. While I applaud the representatives of the WCYBA league, I strongly question the judgment and character of the parents and league reps for Kings.


Via Tony Rue

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

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