Teenage McDonald’s worker assaulted over bacon taking too long.

Teenage McDonald's worker assaulted over bacon taking too long.

Disturbing footage shows a teenage Mc Donald’s employee getting brutality assaulted by a customer over bacon that was taking too long.

Cell phone video shows the moment a customer lost her patience on 17-year-old employee Serena in Greenfield near Highway 100 and Layton Avenue.

Serena says the customer became upset after only waiting for eight minutes for her food. She allegedly claimed it was “taking them too long to cook the bacon.”

The teen admitted to exchanging a few words with the customer, but she says she never expected her to walk behind the counter and physically assault her.

“I was scared because it happened so quickly,” Serena said.

The police report states the customer “went around the counter” and approached the victim then “struck her in the back of the head,” “pulled her hair” and “threw her to the ground.”