At What Point Is It Snitching? Troy Ave On The Breakfast Club.

Troy Ave was recently clowned for what many have described to be a lapse of lyrical bullsh*t after Troy dropped his 808 Mafia produced “2 Legit To Quit”,

 rapping the suggestive lines “”I’m only loyal to my fam, middle finger from the stand, it’s either me or you.” This immediately led to speculation that Nupac has snitching on the mind, and the Dope Boy recently hit up The Breakfast Club to clear the air. 

“I can’t talk about the whole taking the stand—just know I didn’t and I never have or anything like that. As far as all that, I’m like really bonded where I can’t talk shit about a case that’s going on. Like really, literally. I spoke to my lawyer yesterday, he said you cannot say anything about anything.”