Two More Women Accuses Donald Trump For Sexual Harassment

donald-trumps-softcore-playboy-porn reported that Two More Women accuses Donald Trump For Sexual Harassment 

Two females said Trump walked in on them while they were naked in their dressing room when getting ready for a rehearsal.

The females at the time were both Miss USA 2001 contestants, one female has claimed in an interview with the Guardian that Trump barged in during their rehearse without out a word to say.


The former contestant recalled, when Trump, who owned the pageant at the time as part of the Miss Universe family of pageants, burst into the room without a word.

Just before he entered, the former contestant said, she heard the security detail outside the dressing room tell someone approaching the door that the women inside were naked.

“Mr Trump just barged right in, didn’t say anything, stood there and stared at us,” she recalled. Trump’s attitude, she said, seemed to be: “I can do this because I can.”

“He didn’t walk in and say, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry, I was looking for someone,’” she continued. “He walked in, he stood and he stared. He was doing it because he knew that he could.”

The alleged incident happened in her shared dressing room behind the stage at the Genesis convention center in Gary, Indiana.

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