Vellejo Officer Who Was Involved In Two Fatal Shootings Fired.

Vellejo Officer Who Was Involved In Two Fatal Shootings Fired.

Vellejo, California police department fired officer Ryan McMahon who was involved in fatally shooting unarmed cyclist back and joined five other officers that killed rapper Willie McCoy as he slept in his car.

Back in March Vallejo Police Chief recommended McMahon’s termination, but officially fired him after an investigation concluded that he “violated department policies by engaging in unsafe conduct because other cops were in the way when he opened fire last year

McMahon’s fatally shot 33-year-old Ronell Foster in February of 2018. McMahon reportedly attempted to stop Foster for “riding a bicycle in an unsafe manner.” Foster fled on foot and McMahon shot him with a taser.

McMahon pursued and later caught up with Foster. After pushing Foster down some stairs, McMahon tased him at close range and beat him with a flashlight. Foster took the flashlight from McMahon and tried to flee again when McMahon fatally shot him.

Foster’s family sued the city of Vallejo and settled the lawsuit for $5.7 million.


Almost a year after ….on Feb. 9, 2019the same officer was one of six cop involved in the fatal shooting of 20-year-old McCoy, upcoming rapper aka Willie Bo.

Officers discovered McCoy sleeping in his car in the drive-thru of a Taco Bell. After ordering him to keep his hands visible, the six officers claim that McCoy reached for a handgun in his lap. They opened fire on him, shooting him 55 times in less than four seconds.