Video Shows Innocent teen beaten by Fresno cop and then arrested on false charges.

Fresno cop

Video shows dozens of Fresno California Police officers raiding an apartment complex looking for wanted gang members.

According to officers demanded everyone to get out of their homes and sit on the floor, treating everyone like criminals as they allegedly searched the apartments..

17 year-old London Wallace who has never been in trouble with the law, never been arrested, never committed a crime in his life was somehow repeatedly punched for no reason.

A officer can be heard yelling apartment 204, this is the Fresno Police Department. If you’re inside make your presence known.

Wallace was being frisked and told to sit down. As he backs up and tries to comply with the officer’s order, he apparently didn’t move fast enough for the cop who then shoved him.

Wallace pulled back his arm when the cop shoved him once more, which made the officer snap.

The teen was initially charged with resisting arrest, but after seeing the bodycam video, prosecutors have now dropped all charges.

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