Watch “Junior Galette Chased, Tased by Police Released” 

TMZ has released Exclusive footage of NFL star Junior Galette being chased down by police after he allegedly got into a fist fight back in April in Mississippi back in April.

The Redskins linebacker took off on the cops once another man and instructed them both to freeze. 

Galette tried to get away on foot but apparently he was to damn slow and got taxed. 

You can see the cop — who identifies himself as a “big white guy” — sprinting after Galette while shouting, “Stop motherf*cker! I’m gonna taze your ass!!”

Galette continues to run so the cop pulled out his taser and fired — striking Junior on the first shot and putting the 250 pounder on the ground. The cop is obviously impressed with his own speed. 

“I may be a big white guy, but you know what? I told you to stop.”

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