Wisconsin Man Gets 150 Days In Jail For Clogging 30 Toilets

Wisconsin Man Gets 150 Days In Jail For Clogging 30 Toilets

A Sheboygan, Wisconsin man was convicted and sentenced this week for clogging the toilets in a public women’s restrooms.

35-year-old Patrick D. Beeman was charged with 5 counts of criminal damage to property.

According to wsvn.com he inserted 20 oz. plastic bottles into the piping of toilets in the women’s room of the Deland Community Center.

The state recommended a sentence of 30 days after he pleaded no contest to five misdemeanor charges, but Judge Kent Hoffmann gave Beeman 30 days for each count, to be served consecutively on Monday.

Prior to his identification and capture, Beeman allegedly clogged the Deland toilets several dozen times. The perpetrator would commit the crimes late at night after the park had emptied. Security cameras revealed that the clogger was a man, but did not provide enough detail to lead to his capture.

He was identified after similar behavior was reported at his places of work where he was placed by a temporary employment agency. The agency manager heard complaints from two different work site placements that Beeman had been intentionally clogging the women’s room toilets with the same plastic bottles.

He was also was ordered to serve three years of probation and pay $5,500 in restitution.