Woman says she was forced to give birth alone in Denver Jail Sues.

Woman says she was forced to give birth alone in Denver jail cell sues.

A mother who gave birth to her son Jordan inside a dirty jail cell is suing the city and county of Denver, Denver Health Medical Center and six individuals.

Diana Sanchez, 26 said she was forced to deliver her baby alone on a bench in a jail cell at the County Jail on July 31, 2018..

She said her water had broken by 9:43 a.m., but, according to the lawsuit, Sanchez gave birth with no medical, no doctors, no family, or anyone at all to aid her in her delivery.

The then-pregnant mom had been taken into custody two weeks earlier for identity theft-related charges, according to the Denver County Sheriff’s Department. 

Recently-released surveillance video shows Sanchez’s now one-year-old son Jordan being born at 10.44am that day, nearly six hours after his mother told a jailhouse guard she was going into labor.

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"After learning that Ms. Sanchez gave birth in a cell at the Denver County Jail on July 31, 2018, Sheriff (Patrick) Firman immediately ordered Internal Affairs to conduct a review to understand what happened. Denver Health was also asked to review this incident."
The spokeswoman said after the investigation, it was determined the deputies "took the appropriate actions under the circumstances and followed the relevant policies and procedures."
Policy has since been clarified that when an inmate is in labor, an emergency ambulance will be called."
The lawsuit was filed to "hold to account the officials who cruelly chose convenience over compassion."
"Any lay person can see that a woman who has been in labor for hours and hours and who is yelling, calling that she's in labor and needs to call the hospital needs to go to the hospital, pick up the phone and call 911," Newman said.
Denver Health said because it is a pending legal matter, it is not able to comment.