Woman Sues Her Boss for Making Her Pick Up Dog Poop.

A Brooklyn New York woman has a law suit out on her boss after he ordered her to pick up pop off the ground.

26-Year-Old Shanae Johnson said she was humiliated by her boss at the East Thrift Shop.

Johnson said the owner took out his cell phone and started recording her as she attempted to fulfill the request Nov. 29 on the sidewalk outside the store but broke down sobbing and ultimately refused.

She said the owner then picked up the pile, held it near her face and told her it was actually fake feces as he tried to block her exit from the premises.

Johnson filed a complaint with the New York State Division of Human Rights last week, naming both the store and its owner, Earl Dennis. She claims she was targeted with the cruel prank after she shut down the advances of a male co-worker a few days earlier.


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