Women Beats Son For Making A Mother’s Day Card For His Grandmother And Not For Her.

South Carolina police arrested a woman today for beaten her 6-year-old son after she found out he made a Mother’s Day card for his grandmother and not one for her.

Shontrell Murphy, 30, was charged with cruelty to children after admitting she hit him, local Fox affiliate WBRC reported.

Police responded to a call in Spartanburg on Thursday where they found the grandmother with Murphy’s daughter and bawling son.

The daughter told cops that Murphy found the card and fumed when she realized it wasn’t for her, WBRC reported.

Murphy started ripping up the card, her daughter told cops, then hit her son several times on the head.

Cops found shards of the handwritten card on the floor, the news channel reported.

Murphy’s children told police their mom violently hit them on a regular basis and lived in fear of her.

Cops said Murphy told them she did hit her kids, but argued she “does not believe it was in a hard or violent manner.”

The boy was later transported to the hospital for evaluation and later released.