Viral Video: Women Gets Assaulted While Laying With her Baby.

Viral Video Women Gets Assaulted While Laying With her Baby

A disturbing video was uploaded to Facebook shows a West Memphis mother being assaulted as she lay in bed next to her 11-month-old infant.

The woman and her friends apparently broke into the victim’s home, entered a bedroom and ordered the sleeping woman to get up and fight.

The victim got up out of bed and made an effort to fight the home invader, but she was quickly overpowered and subdued by the intruder who pummeled her face while the cameraman and another woman laughed in the background.

West Memphis Police are investigating the assault. 

Smith will be charged aggravated residential burglary, aggravated assault and second-degree battery.

No word on whether her accomplices, who also entered the woman’s apartment unlawfuly, will be arrested.

Angry social media sleuths located the intruder’s Facebook page and furiously flooded her timeline with comments.