Women Sentenced To 15 Years for beating 92year-old grandfather with a BRICK

30 year old Laquisha Jones of Los Angeles was sentenced on Thursday for 15 years for brutally beating the crap out of an elderly man with a brick.

Back in December a witness recorded footage of 92
Rodolfo Rodriguez sitting down in a daze with his face bloody after being attacked.

Misbel Borjas (The Witness) also took pictures of a lady holding a brick in her hand.

Prosecutors said the attack happened on July 4th as the elderly man was taking a walk, they also said he did nothing to provoke the attack

Jones is due back in court on April 11 for a restitution hearing.

Via misbel.borjas.5

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The Lord is in his house with his face badly broken and is under medicines for a lot of pain 😖 God take care of him and save him already visit and thank god he keeps it still with us.Women Sentenced To 15 Years for beating 92year-old grandfather with a BRICK.