Women Threatens To Draw Gun On 2 Black Sisters Is Fired

Two black sisters were outside their apartment waiting for AAA to jump-start their car when they were approached by a drunk women on Friday.

Leisa and Mary Garris, were patiently waiting outside of their apartment by their car when Susan Westwood arrived  calling them ‘b***h’ and asking them ‘Is your baby daddy here’?’.

The woman has since been fired by Chartered Communications for violating the company’s code of conduct and faces criminal charges after video footage showed her drunkenly shouting racist abuse at two black sisters.

The 51-year-old from Charlotte, North Carolina, also starts bragging about her ‘$125,000-a-year job’ and boasts that she is ‘fabulous’.

She now faces criminal charges for communicating threats and her employer, Spectrum, confirmed that her contract has now been terminated.