Young M.A – Ride Along With Fader

24 year-old  Brooklyn, New York City female rapper Young M.A takes her fans to her hometown and discusses her hit record Ooouuu and more. 

Via Fader…

In May 2016, Young M.A’s career took off after her song “Ooouuu” became an infectious hit, quickly spreading due to her laid-black flow and absorbing wordplay. In a new video, produced by The FADER for HD Radio the fast-rising Brooklyn-born newcomer reflects on her early passion for hip hop and how she’s reached a new level as an artist. In this day in the life snapshot, M.A talks about how radio’s helped catapult her rapid rise and success while she drives the streets of her hometown on the way to New York’s seminal Hot 97 for an interview, and later that night, delivers a spirited performance to her fans.